Allow the package.json to define the cordova version for Pro builds

I’ve already responded to the support ticket but this is a big enough issue that I think someone needs to just come out and set everything straight as to what is going on and why.

In our case the Pro builds are failing because the Cordova bridge packages are not up-to-date with what is required in Cordova 9.x. It’s not just 1 package but 2 if not more in our case. We knew this because our builds started failing locally a while back and we worked around it by explicitly defining what version of cordova the build needed by putting it into package.json.

The packages being not updated isn’t surprising given that many of these packages are essentially stable or have just been abandoned by their authors. This is the issue with open source projects at times.

It’s also no secret that Ionic is wanting people to move to their Enterprise offering where a number of “Ionic maintained” packages are now available that ostensibly move this into an org where maintenance, bug fixes, etc. are done. I am actually not against this at all.

However, what is frustrating is that, as others have pointed out, the builds worked in the AM, but didn’t work in the PM of the same day with practically no warning that this was going to take place. And there is no work-around. Sure, I can build with Xcode 9 for iOS (assuming that this wasn’t a new app, because those require Xcode 10 per the App Store) but my Android builds fail and for reasons that are beyond the scope of this post, I fully depend on Ionic’s build process to get those builds.

I get Ionic need to stay up-to-date, but at least work with us here and let us define the Cordova version we want so that our builds work. Would also really like to encourage the AppFlow / Builds teams to work on their communication about this stuff. It is absolutely frustrating when it works one hour and then it breaks again without a known work around.

EDIT: Looks like the docs have been updated and you can install a custom Cordova version:

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