Do I need backend for native app?

Hi guys, I am building my project and I wanted to add simple function send.messege() using gmail API. But I found that I can’t use Gmail API in my angular and I need to use backend server for that (node.js). The whole idea is that you click button and function execute and sends message ‘Hello World’ to gmail user.
Please direct me, I am really struggling with it.

Hi Roben,

You could use Firebase, which provides Cloud Functions which can be written in Node.js to connect to the Gmail API. There are a lot of tutorials online to help you setup a Firebase project (as backend) such as this medium post. You can create a Cloud Function that listens to a certain https url, to which you can send a HTTP request.

The only thing you have to do in your app is creating this http request, this is covered in the documentation of Angular.

I hope you succeed with the provided information :smile:

thanks, this helps, thank you