General Ionic2 Question

Hello I am new to coding and just have a few questions I think would get answered much faster on this forum then by searching on Internet. I am co fused about angular2. 1. Let’s say you want to add the ion slides code and then also add code for a modal. Would there be 2 @components and 2 classes that are exported for both of those? 2. I am not familiar with the framework and am trying to make a navigation using ion slides similar to snapchats navigation but I am not sure if that would be way harder to add in all the functionality compared to having tabs that have extra typescript files linked to them.
3. can someone give me an example of how two different ion components are incorporated into one typescript file. Such as the ion segment or search and ion slides. I’m not sure what it would even look like and think that’d help me learn. Thanks so much.

Why don’t you give our getting started guide a read. It covers most of what you’re asking and goes over the basics of getting setup.