Placing code to make slides work

Hello. I am new the computer programming and have done a bit of jQuery before but not much. I am trying to get a hold of the whole angularjs thing but I am a little confused. I was reading through and it had @component and things I have never seen before, but then has more normal javascript. I was wondering a few things. What is the difference between these 2 links? Where do I put the code that has the @component in relevance to the directory? Thanks!

Well, you just need to look at url to see. The first link is for Ionic 2 the second for Ionic 1. Ionic 2 uses Angular 2. First decide on which version you wish to build your app and then make sure you are following the correct docs. So, @component code is not going to work in Ionic 1, which is what I am assuming you are using.