FYI: If you use Google Maps API, you must read this!

This is the official Google developer expert of Google Maps APIs.

As you may know, Google announced on May 2, 2018, Google introduced Standard and Premium plans for Google Maps APIs.

There were free request usage on each APIs in the past (for example, Google Maps JavaScript API v3 was 2,500 times / day), but now all requests are counted as the same and free requests up to $200 / month.


In order to receive $200 / month credits, you need to enable the billing (register your credit card)

If your application get suddenly so much popular, and the monthly usage would become $201, you just pay $1.

When is the due date?

June 11, 2018 (US time)

I use Google Maps JavaScript API v3 without key, am I ok?

No. Keykess call for Google Maps Javascript API and StreetView API will return low-resolution maps watermarked with “for development purposes only”.

If you DON’T enable the billing, what would be occurred?

Google sets some grace period for existing users. But after the period, the Google Maps will be effected something.

I use @ionic-native/google-maps. Should I enable billing?

Yes. Even @ionic-native/google-maps, which uses Google Maps Android API v2 and Google Maps SDK for iOS, is the same.

@ionic-native/google-maps is still free?

Yes. Since the @ionic-native/google-maps uses Google Maps Android API v2 and Google Maps SDK for iOS internally, it’s still unlimited usage and free.

More details: please read the Guide for Existing Users

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I’m sticking with ionic native google maps.

Any issues and questions with @ionic-native/google-maps, post to please

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or try MapFit:

They have a free plan and they claim their map can match quality of Google Maps.
MapFit ionic native version would be appreciated.
Mapfit has iOS, Android, JS versions.

Their android documentation seems pretty detailed.

If Google maps get worse, I will migrate to mapfit.

You should not advertise it at here. I posted about the Google Maps APIs change. Compairing between Google Maps API and other apis are not related with this topic.

Looks like the vast majority of people won’t be affected. I just wish they’d get rid of the little ‘Google’ watermark after you enable billing.

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I am using google map javascript v3 in my ionic project and i was reading google documentation related to the usage. The number of map loads is different from mobile usage and web usage. mobile usage has unlimited vs limtied in web usage
I am not sure if i publish my application as android app, do I have unlimited map load or only 28500 map loads?


Mobile map means Google Maps Android API and Googlr Maps SDK for iOS.

Google Maps JavaScript API v3 is web map.

what can i do if i want to use google api maps without enable billing ? or any other way to get same result