Google maps integration with Ionic react

I am trying to search Google Maps Package for Ionic React I am not found it. anyone help me for integrate google maps

Good news! Ionic is actually working on a 1st Party Capacitor plugin. It hasn’t officially been released yet (not stable?) so it’s in this branch - capacitor-plugins/google-maps at plugin/google-maps · ionic-team/capacitor-plugins · GitHub

unless there is something critical and you have to use the native maps api, the javascript maps work fine in most cases

Doesn’t Google charge for the javascript map API usage whereas they don’t for native?

they charge for everything that requires an API key

Pricing Plans and API Costs - Google Maps Platform

Good to know! Thanks! Looks like they changed pricing once again since the last time I looked :slight_smile:

Thank you @aaronksaunders and @twestrick