Dose all google maps API will be payed?

i’m trying to use google maps but always geitting this error
console.error: Google Maps JavaScript API error: ApiNotActivatedMapError
i’m trying to enable my API and always redirect me to billings,
so i want to know how the enable API

You need to register your credit card, then you will get monthly free $200 credit (from Jun/11/2018, PDT).

Then you need to generate an api key

i’have did it but still getting ApiNotActivatedMapError in console
i checked the api settings and it is enabled

You have to specify the api key when you load the Google Maps API v3.

Hello there,
If you are still struggling with ApiNotActivatedMapError, then here I come with a solution. It looks like you just didn’t activate your API project - except for the generating API key you also have to turn on your Google Maps JavaScript API. If you need some more information, you can check this guide. If you don’t know how to active your API project, then take a look on the gif below.

To enable Api do this

  • Go to API Manager
  • Click on Overview
  • Search for Google Maps JavaScript API(Under Google Maps APIs). Click on that
  • You will find Enable button there. Click to enable API.