Year Picker in Ionic

I need year picker for my project. I already used this for date. But, i need only year picker. Please suggest me any year picker available or any change in already used date picker. Thanks

Because i need Date object for selected year, i just create one select control like this :

	ng-options="item as item for item in yearArray" ng-model="current" ng-change="changeInYear()"  ng-required="true">
		<option value="">Select</option>

var date = new Date();
$scope.current = date.getFullYear();
var start = $scope.current - 10;  // Minus 10 years from current year 
var end = $scope.current + 10;  // Plus 10 years to current year
$scope.yearArray = [];

for(var i=start;i<=end;i++)
$scope.changeInYear = function () {
    $scope.budgetYear = date;

i know this is not a right way. But, at server side code i need to pass date object for selected year. So, just use this.

your changeInYear function always returns 2017, how can i get the selected value