Fundraising: GoogleMaps plugin for Capacitor iOS platform

(This post is permitted by ionic team in advance)

Hello, Ionic and Capacitor developers.
This is the author of @ionic-native/google-maps and cordova-plugin-googlemaps.

I would like to make fundraising to support these plugins on Capacitor platform, especially iOS platform.


  • Purpose: Give the ability to this plugin works on Capacitor iOS platform

  • Fundraising amount: $3,000 USD

  • Work duration : maximum 3 months

  • Start date: after amount is reached

  • Refund: if I fail to implement in 3 months, I will refund full amount.


@ionic-native/google-maps and cordova-plugin-googlemaps are able to implement Google Maps APIs for each platforms on ionic framework (with Cordova)

These plugins also run on Capacitor Android platform at this time, however they do not run on iOS platform due to the internal technical reason.

I know how to resolve the technical problem, and I already confirmed this plugin works on Capacitor iOS in a test app before.
However I have to make a big internal changes to support for Capacitor iOS platform.
Not only iOS code, but also overall of this plugin code.

In order to work for this, I would like to make a fundraising for my work.
The goal of the fundraising amount is $3,000 USD.


  • I will start working after the fundraising amount is reached to the 3,000 USD at least.

  • Estimate working duration is 3 months.

  • If I fail to implement the code in 3 months, I will refund the amount fully (Exception: If I get illness (i.e. COVID-19), or meet troubles (car hits) something, I will discuss with you)

How to join the fund raising?

Please donate some amount from

Thank you for considering.

Best regards,