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Can anyone advise about this:-

How to use google maps in Ionic 6 using Capacitor 3.

Try many old methods but not getting success!

Hello Saurbh,

i would recommended you to use native google maps plugin

or maybe you can use simple js integration of the google maps.

Stay tuned! The Capacitor team is planning on releasing @capacitor/google-maps in the near future! In the meantime, there is the @capacitor-community/google-maps plugin which is a modern, excellent alternative maintained by a community member.

Thanks for your response @abhayjani

But in Ionic 6, ionic-native lib switched to awesome-cordova lib, so the plugin has many issues and not working.

Thanks, @thomasvidas
We will try this plugin.

@Saurabh-7514 if you ever read capacitor docs. They identify that cordova plugin is just package and you still install it and use it with the capacitor.

I would recommend to use js google maps and not a plugin its easier
Check out this link :

If you dont know how to use it, i would be happy to help.

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After looking at the plugin, I would suggest that you look at your application requirements before you make a decision.

The API exposed is limited and honestly from what I have seen if you are doing more than dropping pins on a map and showing information on the pin, then you should go with the Javascript API.

This plugin is a good first step but I don’t think it is really ready for complex map implementation

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