Forbidden upload during ionic package

I am suddenly getting ‘Forbidden upload (403)’ when running the ionic package command. I see that it successfully logs me in, but during the ‘Uploading app…’ phase it throws that error. Any ideas?


I’m getting the same thing! … any help here would be great!


I am getting this too

I am getting this as well.

I have tried using an account which I created via the IOS app, and an account created on the site.

Both get a 403 error when it attempts to upload the app.

Any ideas?

I hope this gets fixed soon. I’d like to upload my package.

I am getting this too. Any Ideas what could be wrong ?

(I had to create a throwaway account because I kept getting ‘Unknown error’ trying to log in to Discourse.)

Came here to post that there is some information and a possible fix over on GitHub; though still no word from Drifty:

Really wish this would get more attention.

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Well if u tell us the exactly steps u follow to get this error ( i mean full detailed ) may I and some of Ionic Team can help you. :slight_smile:

From the command line: ionic upload

Im suffering this error too but while I try to do ionic upload. The detailed description is simple: It used to work, now it doesn’t. I have the latest ionic cli version.

In which ionic cli version it used to work? ( Now you have latest ( 13 ) ? )

Isn’t the latest version 1.2.5? Check the GitHub issue for in-depth details.

My install is CLI 1.2.5

yup, same problem here in version 1.2.5, i hope someone in Ionic Team can tell us more about it :confused:


I’m getting the same error :expressionless:
It was my first upload and baam… not working.
Hope they fix this soon.

I’m getting pretty far in my app development and this is starting to be a real blocker for me :frowning: … I really hope this gets sorted out soon …

Getting same error:

$ ionic upload
Uploading app…
Forbidden upload (403) (CLI v1.2.5)

Any updates? Anyone working on this?

Drifty CEO and Co-Founder Max Lynch reports on the GitHub thread:

Stay tuned, this is a hidden thing we pulled for the short term and will be
relaunching soon!


This coming back with the Creator launch?