For Android mobile offline first approach which one is better CouchDB or CouchBase?

If I want to use pouchdb as local storage then which one is better for Hybrid mobile offline first application? CouchDB or CouchBase?

I guess webapi service is possible with Couchbase but not with CouchDB. Am I right?

do I need to directly access couchdb database from mobile client without any other middle layer?

I researched this some months ago. CouchBase supports CouchDB sync, and the sync gateway seems useful. But, CouchBase requires significantly more server resources, particularly RAM.

If you do use CouchDB, it may be a good idea to put another server in front of CouchDB and then proxy the requests. The CouchDB protocol is just HTTP, so you may accept/deny connections, rewrite requests with the proxy. Basically, the proxy server would be the web API server.

Ultimately, I decided on neither. I think Google Firebase, or rather Firestore, is a better choice. I prefer to spend time building my app, rather than maintaining a DB.

Thanks for your reply. Do you mean I can create webapi service on top of CouchDB (not couchbase) for CRUD operation from mobile client?

Can I access couchDB data directly from mobile client or I need any middle layer?

You may access CouchDB directly from a mobile client. You may also put it behind a proxy server. You could also both access it directly, as well as behind a proxy server. It’s all HTTP.

is there any trouble with couchDB and PouchDB combo when I want offline sync between localdb and remote db?

How about you try it and find out :slight_smile: