Can I create WebApi service connecting Couchdb (not Couchbase) database?

is it possible to create webapi (.net core) service on top of CouchDB as backend? if it is possible then which extension is required to do that?

Can I connect Entity framework layer in the middle of couchdb and web api?

Here I mean CouchDB only but not CouchBase.

Will you create this post every 12 hours?
First, it’s not clear, then, why would you do this when you got 100 times much better db solutions…

which is much better db solution?

Depend on the app size, mongoDB is a good one, it take less RAM than CouchDB. But you need to think “JSONly”.
If you want to think relational :

I heard SQLite is most used db for mobile client. Is this not better than mongo or postgre?

when you say postgre do you mean SQLite only?

i have confusion how postgre & SQLite are related?

SQLite is the most common relationnal database engine.
Postgre is another engine, but it’s up to you, try one, test perfomences, try others, test again and make your choice :wink:

I heard CouchDB and PouchDb is best for automatic offline synchronization. I don’t know if that is true. If that is true then why shall not people use couchdb and pouch dbcombo? is there any performnce issue with couchdb?

Also sqlite is automatically installed on both android and ios. So, sqllite is suggested for offline synchronization?

You are talking about local db… Uhm… I’m not sure then

yes I am concerned about local db and it’s sync with remote db. which one is best choice considering overall performance?
what is the short coming of SQLite as localdb? is there any known big trouble? why people are looking for other choice like Couch + PouchDB?
If any one knows please reply.