Sync Data Using PouchDB In Your Ionic Framework App


Here is a tutorial I guest posted in regards to PouchDB and Apache CouchDB.

In this guide, we’re going to see how to install CouchDB and use PouchDB in an Ionic Framework mobile application for cross platform synchronization.

I hope everyone finds it useful.



hi @nicraboy,

Do you know the pros and cons between these architectures ?

  1. a Mobile PouchDB with Backend CouchDB Synced architecture
    2 and a Mobile Sqlite PersistenceJS with Backend persistenceJS synced NodeJS
  2. Others synced solution with a Backend…

I really don’t know what to do and can’t find any information.


Hi @ronycohen,

There are plenty of sync solutions out there right now. I’ve done tutorials on three of them, with more coming.

I really wouldn’t say one is better than the other. It is more of preference like choosing between MySQL or PostgreSQL in a web application. Both will get the job done in a similar fashion.

However, the price points might help you in making a decision. For example, PouchDB / CouchDB is free where if you go a route like Firebase, it can get quite pricey.

Sorry I can’t give you a better technical answer on this.



Thank you for your answer !

Then I go for PouchDB and CouchDB.
I hope that the performances will be ok.


Just a quick question I have.

I do all the user authentication and user profiles in Mongo. Now I want to introduce PouchDB on the same server for some messages that user might receive. This data should be only accessible to user that is requesting it. So the question is, should I implement another set of authentication on pouchDB in addition to the existing one? what are the alternatives to prevent any random person reading any user’s messages?