"Flashing" in Chrome when direction is rtl

I have the following CSS rule set on my body element: “direction: rtl”.
On beta 14, Chrome is “flashing” while transitioning between states.
It doesn’t happen on Firefox or when using beta 13.

Here is a codepen demostrating the issue:

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I’m getting the same problem I’m using rc.2.
For me I’m seeing a completely white screen, (browser, emulator and devices). But it seems like the elements in your example are still there because clicking does still hit the buttons, just nothing is being displayed, whereas the one in my simulator is not registering any clicks.

My suspicion is that it has something to do with the transition animations, am still trying to find a way around it, but no luck so far, will feed back when I get something. Any ideas what’s the class for the view transitions? Might be that in RTL the enter and leave classes are swapped so display is set to none or removed from the dom after the transition timer ends.

Hi @slim,

I’ve found that setting the direction on the nav-bar and nav-view instead of on the whole body helped.
See this fiddle: http://codepen.io/bumpy1/pen/gbNabL

Hope it helps

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@ors cool thanks! I was trying the $ionicViewSwitcher, setting the next view to enter and exit, which prevented the white flashes but also killed all the animations. Yours worked nicely, thanks for sharing!