White flash appearing when switching between tabs on Android in 1.0.0 stable

Has anyone noticed this, or have a suggestion to fix the ‘white flashing’ in between switching tabs on Android? For 1.0.0 stable. It works fine switching tabs in iOS but in android i’m seeing the white flash when switching tabs.

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I have noticed this as well and would be curious if anyone knows the issue?

Same problem here! Very annoying.

Same problem here!
Whould be Nice if there is a animation or something

Are you using Crosswalk and inputs on those pages?

whats crosswalk?You can see this using just the basic tabs starter app.On newer android devices it flips white on each tab change. Not usable at this point in production for clients.

Same problem here. No Crosswalk being used.

White screen for a fraction before the content is loaded, quite odd.

Did someone found a solution yet?

posted issue here https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/issues/3907

Did you find a solution??

no solution yet. Follow the github issue linked above