Ng-show blinks after updating to beta 14

Hello Ionic users

After updating to ionic-14 from ionic-13, the ng-show started to blink on safari when I transition between views. On Chrome in works perfect.

I’ve got the ng-show directive inside on a tab, when I move the directive out of the tab it do works. I even set the value of ng-show to false but it still blinks.

After some investigation I suspect that it’s happening because I’m mixing ion-tabs and side-menu. Maybe I’m doing it wrong? I made a codepen of my problem

Can anyone look into it please?

Did you look if it’s related to Beta 14 ng-hide/show issue?

Yeah that helped for a time

From my experience converting ng-show to ng-if it’s best for now.

Adding classes to css can introduce more troubles in the future as I specified here