White Flash in View Transition with Beta 9


So I recently updated my app to beta v9, and am now having the white flash issue when navigating to previously viewed internal pages.

I made sure to replace all the old scss and js files with the latest. Is there anything else that I might of missed?


Hmm, are you seeing this on a device or in the browser? Can you post a codepen?


Its in device. I just updated the files from beta 6, and the issue was fixed there with removing the slide animation on the ion-view tag.


It occurs in the simulator as well, but it goes away faster. Mush more of a blink than a flash, if that makes sense.


Hmm make sense.

Just to rule out user error, can you make a new project with the cli and see if the error is there.
If it is, can you test it against the nightly builds?


I tested against a brand new build. Doesn’t appear to be happening, but it is harder to tell when the bg is white as well.

Could just be an issue with updating from 6 to 9 possibly? In 6 to remove this issue I just had to get rid of the slide animation from the ion-view in the index.html file.