Fixed footer scrolling with content


I have a fixed footer with menu buttons that is working very nicely in a browser. When a long list renders, the footer is still stuck to the bottom of the screen and remains there when scrolling.

However, in my compiled Ionic v1 app on iOS, when scrolling a long list the footer moves with the content, then resets when the scroll event is finished. I have tried to figure out a way to prevent this, but the only answers I’ve found seem to involve ionic specific components like and .

So far, I have managed to make my app without using any special elements, and am pleased with the style and formatting of my code. Is there a way to solve this fixed element issue without using special tags? While just testing lightly, I found that adding my scrollable content inside of an tag did fix the issue, but made the scrolling extremely choppy, a noticeable difference from the smooth scroll I was experiencing before.

Any help is appreciated!