Scroll over list in fixed content


I would like to enable the scroll over a list of items while the content of the page is fixed.

Here it is my code:

<ion-content >
  <div style="width:94.5%; height:40%; margin:0 auto; margin-top:3%; margin-bottom:0%" #map="" id="map"></div>
    <ion-scroll scrollY="true">
      <ion-list class="list-style" no-border>
        <ion-item *ngFor="let location of locations">
          <ion-icon item-start name="star"></ion-icon>
          <button ion-button icon-left outline item-end><ion-icon name="images"></ion-icon> Ver</button>

And an image of the app:

I can scroll over the list of items, but i would like to fix the rest of the content. How can i achieve this?

Thanks so much

suggest this link for solution: