List doesn't scroll anymore after 0.9.14 upgrade

I’ve just upgraded to the new version of Ionic and my list doesn’t scroll anymore. The parent element is a content tag with the scroll=“false” attribute.

I missed something?

Thanks in advance

Hey @granzebru, we made a switch to the way scrolling works. Try removing the scroll="false" and it should work. We need to update the notes…

Without scroll=“false” the list is not blocked anymore but it doesn’t scroll either. The list now scroll a bit an then return in place.

The can-reorder appears to be broken as well. Or maybe I missed something as well.

Seeing similar behavior with list scrolling after 0.9.14 update.

<content has-header="true" scroll="true">

I can see the first list card and it seems to rubberband below the fold then snaps back into place when i let go on iOS. In Chrome scrolling just doesn’t happen. Happy to give more info or a demo if that helps.

Using <content has-header="true"> I can reproduce @granzebru behaviour:

the list now scroll a bit an then return in place.

I tried to set <content scroll="false"> it worked in the browser fine but when testing on the iOS Simulator it doesn’t work.

Hey guys, sorry about this, I’m taking a look. It might be related to the data getting loaded after the scroll area initializes and sizes itself.

I’ll have some more info in a bit.

I can say that that is true of my app. I get the content from a json endpoint and clearly loads after the page is initialized.

Okay, thanks @jremsikjr. I just filed an issue and I’m figuring out how to best fix this:

Okay, I just pushed a fix for this. Mind giving master a try to see if it’s working now for you? It should automatically resize itself. The only tricky thing is making sure it doesn’t impact performance. I added a 1 second “debounce” which will resize the first time the finger touches the screen but at no more than once per second.

If it works for everyone I’ll cut a new release that has this in it.

It works, thank you!

P.S. the scroll is now much better than before but still not really smooth. (tested on Galaxy Nexus)

Working for me now on iOS, also seems to fix previous issue I’ve had of last list item being cut off if footer exists (or last part of a card getting cut off).

@granzebru which Nexus, the 4? Unfortunately, that device is pretty underpowered. It’s probably at the very bottom of the list of Android devices we will support going forward. I notice even native apps on that thing lag quite a bit.

@max Not the 4, the previous one: Samsung galaxy nexus (GT-I9250).

Hmm, I’ll see about getting our hands on one of those.