How'd Ionic 2 catch React Native or NativeScript's performance?

I see a lot of debate across the Internet about how React Native beat Ionic 1 with impressive performance. With different paradigm, without WebView, they make a significant performance that can make people decide to switch or turn to them.

I am a big fan for Ionic. The framework gives the easy way to create, develop, and publish mobile application to iOS and Android platform.

But now my client and student is asking that should they switch to React Native or NativeScript instead of Ionic. Which some comparison I gave them a decision to make.

But that’s the point, Do we have anything from Ionic 2 that improve the performance that make “Wow” moment? Is it depend on Angular 2?

As long as the app is executed into a big webview, it’s going to be impossible to be as performant as a native/React Native/NativeScript app. If you want to go deep under iOS, read iOS App Architecture, specifically the multitasking items.