Error when updating android app originally made in ionic v1 now remade in v2

I have developed and published an android app with Ionic v1, now I have remaded it with Ionic v2, but when I try to update the installed apk (v1) with the new one (v2), it cannot be done, appears an error “No se instaló la aplicación. Parece que el paquete está dañado” (“The application was not installed. It seems that the package is damaged.”).

I have tried with the debug packages and also with the release packages (this one using the same keystore file), both first installing the v1 apk and after that installing the v2 apk.

In the config.xml file both have the same widget id, name, description and author, and the v1 apk version is “2.0.2” and the v2 apk version is “2.2.1”.

I am using Ionic CLI 3.19.0.

Is there a way to force the update? or what can I do?

Thanks in advance for any help.

The installation with cli sometimes fails if you try to install over an existing app version. Delete the app manually first. It is not comparable to the installation process using testflight, app store or play store.

Thank you for your reply. The thing is that Google Play showed me an alert when I uploaded my apk created with IOnic 3 (my previous version was made with IOnic 1), the alert said that all of the current users of my app could not update the app with this new version of my apk.

So, finally, I decided to upload a new app (v2) to the Store.

Anyway if somebody is in the same situation and can do the publish transparently, please tell us how.