Can't update the versionsCode


so I’ve just updated my app on the play store, but with the wrong app version.
So I’ve changed it in the config.xml and uploaded it again. But I get an error because the app versionCode is already in use.

I’ve looked it up and added versionCode=“3.0” in my config.xml (previous there was nothing and it created 100002 versionCode) after building and uploading the final apk im still getting the error…

what am I doing wrong?

I’m not sure if this is your problem but if you upload a version to Google Play then the next time you submit the version has to be different and greater than the previous version.

So if you’ve submitted a version that was “1.0” then if you want to submit an update it will have to be “1.1” or “2.0”. If you try to submit “1.0” again or “0.9” it won’t work.

this is how it looks like in the play store.

it has a wired versionCode = 100002 and I want to have 3.0 as the version…

my config.xml has version=“3.0” versionCode=“3.0”
I even tried version=“” versionCode=“”

but still getting the error that my app has the versionCode 100002

(2.2) was my previous non Ionic build


Try to add android-versionCode=""

with android-versionCode=“” im getting a build error :

if I’m using android-versionCode=“3000” it works but I’m still getting versionCode 100002 is already in use

dunno if this fixed it but I removed android platform and readded it again… worked…