Error using ionic through cmd

hi all, if anybody can help me, iam facing a problem with using ionic start myApp tabs after installing : npm install -g ionic at cmd, when using ionic it replies that ionic is not recognized … etc, so what is the problem here?

did you install cordova globally?
can you check ionic version with “ionic --version”?

Yeah, first i do this : npm install -g cordova ionic gulp, installation completed as i think, but when using ionic the same error occured plus i cant view the ionic version i treid to clear npm cache also but nothing changes so what is the problem and how can i fix it ?

@hasanch WhatOS you are using? Did you set environmental variable for ionic?

Windows , and yeah i set the path for ionic!

please try “npm uninstall cordova ionic” .then try a fresh install again.

@Thamil u mean fresh installation just for ionic ?

Thnk u @thamil after uninstalling and reinstalling again it work !

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@hasanch Great. a week ago I also got the same issue.

Nice … Look i have some questions also about using ionic and coding with it , where can i talk to u in order to explain for me a couple of things about if u dont mind, because am a new user of ionic and am making a senior project for my graduation bs so some help will be great for me

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