Ionic error "Ionic" is not recognized as an internal or external command

Hi All,
this might seem familiar because I have trawled a few sites to get an answer without a result.

Ionic was working fine but then left it for a few weeks to come back to the above problem…doesn’t exist according to my WIN10 X64 based machine. Have followed all the forum advice:

cleaned the npm cache
reinstalled ionic and cordova
checked the PATH statements
ensured the directory path of installion was correct
removed node.js, rebooted machine, reinstalled node.js then reinstalled ionic and cordova

no luck…

npm is version 3.10.9
node is version 6.9.4
and both work fine from the command prompt along with bower and gulp…btw running nodevars.bat did not help either.

I have been trying to do Ionic development on VS2015 so would that have any impact?

Also 1 post said there should be an Ionic.cmd file in the npm folder…there is no Ionic.cmd file on the machine.

Any other suggestions?

Found the problem…had npm on both the C:\Program Files (x86)\nodejs AND C:\Users<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\npm.
Deleted the npm directory as per Ollie Bennett’s Answer.…did an npm cache clean then did an ionic/cordova -g install…works perfectly !!