Error ITMS-90168 while uploading ipa with application loader

As per title, while uploading the IPA file with the application loader I get this error as response, and I’m unable to continue.
Any suggestion on how to fix this or what could be the problem?

Thank you

Any luck with this @flagdizero?

I just ran into the same problem. My .ipa file was compiled by Ionic Pro. I’m using Application Loader v 3.0 to try to upload the .ipa file.

Hi @joewill i solved using application loader 3.6 in xcode

I think I figured it out. Well Stack Overflow did for me :grinning:

If you open XCode. Go to the menu > Xcode > Open Developer Tool > Application Loader.

This loaded up Application Loader 3.7, which works for me.

(ref second answer on this Stack Overflow quesiton:

Edit: Lol, thanks @flagdizero, I found the same solution!

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