ERROR ITMS-90034: "[...] is not signed using an Apple submission certificate."

Hi there.

I’m developing a mobile application on both iOS and Android platforms, using Ionic Framework.
I make all certificates by following, they look all good and compilation with Ionic is successful.
Then I upload the .ipa file via Application Loader to make it available on TestFilght.

The last build was made on march 18th 2016 with no issue, but Application Loader rejects my build today :

ERROR ITMS-90034: “Missing or invalid signature. The bundle ‘com.ionicframework.oenobook841275’ at bundle path ‘Payload/’ is not signed using an Apple submission certificate.”

I tried to recreate every certificate (for distribution), they’re all green in my keychain and Developer account.
I went back on a previous build thanks to Git.
I even did format my Mac, so everything I can use is up to date.

Help. :sob: