ERROR ITMS-90596: "Invalid Bundle

Hi there,

I’m having a problema when i try submit my ionic app to app store.
I build my app with “build package” on Appflow, and when i try submit the ipa on ApplicationLoader i get this error:

	ERROR ITMS-90596: "Invalid Bundle. The asset catalog at 'Payload/' can't be processed. Rebuild your app, and all included extensions and frameworks, with the latest GM version of Xcode and resubmit."

What can i do to fix it ?

Hi Jonas,

This usually happens when an older version of xcode is used to submit the app. Verify that your local install of xcode is v10.2.1.


Hi Brian,

I updated xcode to v10 but this doesn’t worked for me, i found a solution but is no make sense for me.
I have two ApplicationLoader intalled, aparently, i was use a old version that maybe doesn’t work, so, i open the xcode v10 and click in option “Xcode” on the left top -> Open Developer Tool -> ApplicationLoader.

This one works for me.

Thank for your attention