New cli with 3.9.2 app

Hi, i want to update my ionic cli version, so i can create new projects in ionic4, but i also have a few projects written in ionic 3.9.2, that i want to develop too. Would that be possible after updating ionic cli, or i will be unable to work with older 3.9.2 projects?

Another question is ,which is the maximal version of cordova for ionic 3.9.2 app? Can i upgrade cordova to most recent version without breaking my app?

Hi @Vartex05!

You can update your Ionic version, it will be working great. You just have to care about your NodeJS version, take note of it or use NVM to control the node versions…

About Cordova version, I think the maximum version is 8. But right now I am not sure about, so maybe you can test it. Install a new version, and if you get problems remove it. I hope you are using some Git to keep your code safe. Go ahead!

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Thx for answer, ill try. It really works with new Ionic Cli, and even node 10, beside some small problems(with node-sass, it requires python and some visual studio build tools). I only have to install cordova-res and native-run packages.

Ill try new cordova now