Edge/IE support for ionic/react

Currently, ionic/react has zero support for Edge or IE, and while a task for it is in the backlog (https://github.com/ionic-team/ionic/issues/17679), it has been there for over 6 months with no update. This means the app is completely inaccessible to 8% of users (blank screen).

I understand that Edge/IE is not the priority over other browsers, but to have no support at all is particularly rough.

Has anyone found a workaround, even a hacky one, to provide some kind of support in IE, or at least a way for me to tell my users in clean way that it’s unsupported for now? The global average Edge/IE usage is 8% but in my case it’s over 20% so I’m really struggling here.

Thanks for anyone who can help me out!

UPDATE: So it seems like ever since the “Chromium” Edge update, this compatibility effort has been tossed. Unfortunately this Edge update will not be OTA, as it will be provided in a Windows Update, and is OPT-IN for Enterprise Windows users. That being the case, a lot of people will simply not be getting this update. It also won’t even be distributed to all non-Enterprise users until May.

To the Ionic team, the promise of being compatible with Edge was confirmed when we started using React, and I don’t think it’s right to just say “well now we don’t have to”. Having support for Edge also meant some support for IE as a consequence, even if it wasn’t guaranteed or perfect. As of now, both Edge and IE just show a blank screen. Hopefully since you guys just got some cash you can spare some dev-time to fix this, but at the very least I would really appreciate if you could help me find some workaround.

To anyone who was able to get some workaround going for Edge/IE, no matter how hacky, I would really appreciate you giving me some guidance.

Thanks everyone!

Speaking for myself here…

It’s pretty disheartening to hear comments like “now that you have some case, you can spare some dev-time to fix this”, as if we have been sitting around doing nothing. We’ve been working on the framework for years, giving it away for free, so comments like these don’t feel great.

Speaking on behalf of ionic now…

We’ve had some stuff planned around this that involves some stencil updates, which should be landing soon. Not making promises that it will address everything, but it will probably get us in a better spot. Though if the main concern is your company’s IT not updating peoples machine, I think the security benefits will make a good case to argue why they should update.


Thank you for taking the time to respond, and I’m sorry you feel that way. I’m very appreciative of the work you guys are doing, and while I’m not trying to sound ungrateful or confrontational, it’s disheartening as an early user of the Ionic/React framework to see issues like this (https://github.com/ionic-team/ionic/issues/17679) go unanswered for months or, in that specific case, almost a year, with the only update happening when the issue is closed without resolution. This is not an inconsequential feature request or bug; promised support for browsers is quite big. To be clear, we are building an enterprise SaaS platform, so my concern is not our IT department, but rather the IT departments of all of my potential customers, about 20-25% of which are still using IE/Edge.

What I said about having spare time and cash (congrats, by the way) was not a snide remark at all, quite the opposite. As a founder myself, I can appreciate the heavy demand your team must have been under to prioritize carefully. Capital helps a lot with this, and my hope was that this issue is something that could be given a little attention now that you have room to breathe.

My company has sunk a lot of time into the Ionic/React framework, from beta 0.0.4 until now, under the assumption that the compatibility list would eventually be accurate. You and I have also had a Slack chat about this where you indicated that there should be compatibility with Edge and that you would look into it. Not placing blame, just indicating that this recent shift towards ignoring that issue (as indicated in GitHub) was very unexpected and, if we had known, we may not have chosen to use that framework due to the massive impact a lack of browser support has on our potential market.

I hope you can see where I am coming from with more clarity. While this is a major issue for me, I still appreciate the work you guys are doing on the other aspects of the platform!

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Can we get a status update on this? I also use Ionic/React (5.0.7), and tried some polyfills to make the app work on IE 11 and Edge with no success.

Adding custom-elements-es5-adapter.js and webcomponents-bundle.js (Source) in the head of public/index.html atleast makes the app load in Edge. But all the Ionic components are visually broken.

Since I’m also using Capacitor in my project, even with these 2 polyfills, it still won’t load in IE11 because Capacitor uses the Proxy object which is not available in IE11. I tried to add Google’s polyfill with no success.

We will not be supporting IE11 at all.
After talking with the team, we never planned to support IE with ionic/react.

So the comment here Is a mistake

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