Support for Edge < v79 in Ionic 5 PWA

There is a known issue with the side-menu not being displayed correctly on Edge browsers < v79 (Chromium-based). It seems that Ionic 5 only supports Chromium-based Edge (v79+).

Given we have recently discovered this we are now in a difficult position. Most of our users are in a corporate environment, use Edge, and will not be able to upgrade any time soon.

Do we downgrade Ionic? To what version?

Is there a workaround for the side-menu issue?

Was the removal of support for pre-Chromium Edge browsers premature? :worried:

If there is no workaround does anyone have any recommendations on how we might detect browser compatibility to notify users? We use Modernizr in other apps. What specific HTML5 features does Ionic 5 rely on that we could test for?