How can I limit swipe/drag side menus to one side


I’d like to request the ability to allow drag only on one side other another. For example, I have a right and left side menu, and I don’t want the right side to be draggable. However if I have $ionicSideMenuDelegate.canDragContent() enabled, in a list that has can-swipe and buttons the drag only works for the list. For example I would like a swipe to left to open left menu, swipe right to open ionItem buttons. Seems only one can work at once.

Is there a way to accomplish this, or is this a feature request? I’d be happy to look into how to implement, but wanted to check before coding something.

Ion-list with swipeable items combined with side menu

I’d say because of this code, the gesture directions for swiping are pretty fixed:

// If we are currently dragging, we want to snap back into place
    // The final resting point X will be the width of the exposed buttons
    var restingPoint = -this._currentDrag.buttonsWidth;

    // Check if the drag didn't clear the buttons mid-point
    // and we aren't moving fast enough to swipe open
    if(e.gesture.deltaX > -(this._currentDrag.buttonsWidth/2)) {

      // If we are going left but too slow, or going right, go back to resting
      if(e.gesture.direction == "left" && Math.abs(e.gesture.velocityX) < 0.3) {
        restingPoint = 0;
      } else if(e.gesture.direction == "right") {
        restingPoint = 0;


Certainly worthy of a feature request though.