Double scrolling with collection-repeat

Hi guys, how is it going?

I am using collection repeat to display a series of cards, with dividers separating them by day. The problem I’m having is that, when my list have few items and cover less than full screen, the screen is scrolling untill all items disappear…

Here is my markup

  <ion-content class="content-pad" overflow-scroll = true>
      <div collection-repeat="line in vm.lines | groupByDate"
        item-height="(line.isDivider === true) ? '40px' : '16%'"
        <div ng-if="line.isDivider===true" class="line-divider">
            <span>{{ | curtainDate}}</span>
        <div ng-if="line.isDivider !== true" class="card-line">

Do you guys know what may be causing this?

Thank you

replace with

< ion-content class=“content-pad” overflow-scroll = auto>

It didn’t work ): keeps scrolling down