Ionic 1.2.4, collection-repeat and scrolling

Hi, I just upgraded my project to ionic 1.2.4 and noticed that collection-repeat along with native scrolling doesn’t work on Android

My observations/questions (android only, iOS works great)

  1. If I use collection-repeat with native scrolling, I only see 2 list items (I have 100s)
  2. If I use collection-repeat with “overflow-scroll =false” then I see all the list items, but scrolling is slower than native (expected)
  3. My code actually uses ionicScrollDelegate extensively to adjust sizes of list items and uses .scrollTo etc --> given this should I continue using native scrolling or not ?
  4. If I use collection-repeat with 1.2.4 do I have to enable JS scrolling?

As of right now, even with overflow-scroll=false, my positioning of certain items are going awry (was fine in a prev. version of ionic)


Okay, solved,
as it turns out:

a) collection-repeat still uses JS scrolling even if default is native
b) The reason the elements were awry is because they were inside an ion-scroll, and I realized if native scrolling is on, I need to specifically do overflow-scroll=“false” in the ion-scroll (which is odd, because collection repeat is using JS)