Collection Repeat

Hey everyone.

I’m trying to use the collection-repeat but it’s throwing this error below

Error: [$compile:ctreq] Controller '$ionicScroll', required by directive 'collectionRepeat', can't be found!

However it seems the common reason collection-repeat doesn’t work is when people don’t make overflow-scroll=“true”, which I have done in the markup below?

<ion-content ng-class="{ 'has-subheader' : showSearchBar }" overflow-scroll="true">
   <ion-list ng-show="showSearchBar" class="list-challengers">
       <!-- wrapping the ion-items to detect when it has been dragged because ion-list can't use ionic directives -->
       <div on-drag="closeKeyboard()" ng-show="searchFriends.firstName">
           <ion-item class="pick-challenger" on-tap="setChallengeUser(challengeUser)"
          collection-repeat="challengeUser in challengeUsers | filter:searchFriends"
  	          <img class="profile-picture-sm" ng-src="{{challengeUser.imageUrl}}"/>
  	          <h2 class="pick-challenger-name">{{}}</h2>

If someone can help out, that’d be awesome!

Thanks in advance, Cam.

So I’ve been able to work out what’s wrong.

Ionic’s collection repeat needs to be a child of the $IonicScroll, therefore if you add overflow-scroll="true" on the ion-content it disables Ionic’s javascript scroll and uses the native scroll instead.