Hot Code Push Problems with iOS

Hi all,

We have an Ionic app which we would like to update over-the-air with Cordova Hot Code Push (CHCP). This seems to be very easy, as you just need to install the plugin and you’re ready to go. But I’ve experienced a strange problem on the iOS platform (what surprise):

If I submit a new version of the app it gets updated on my test device. When I restart the application though (force quit and restart) the application stays blank. It seems as if the www/ directory just disappears.

Does anybody witness the same behaviour or knows what the problem may be? On Android, everything works as expected.


Hi! Did you get CHCP to work on iOS? We made a setup with CHCP with Ionic, we doesn’t experience the same issue you had. The issue we have is that when we run the cordova-hcp server locally it updates the www-content in the app. But when the app is on App Store it doesn’t update the www-content. Everything seems to be fine. Did you experience anything likely? :slightly_smiling:

Hello. I am considering to use CHCP. However, If it’s not working in App Store, this is sort of pointless.
Did you resolve the problem?