(Offline) alternative to ionic resource cli command

Apparently the resources (splash and icon) is down (10:57 PM GMT+7).

Is there any other/alternative (preferably offline) way to generate the resources?
Despite of the high-reliability of the server, I think we still need a plan-B, don’t we? I’m kind of stuck now :sweat_smile:

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I also do Appcelerator development and this is a tool I have used in the past for generating resource files - http://ticons.fokkezb.nl/

you can use offline alternative binary that does the same job without internet plus it supports cross platform


p.s. i am author of this tiny app

I had the same issue and I just tried https://github.com/helixhuang/ionic-resources , it’s an NPM package that uses graphicsmagick. It worked perfectly.

I haven’t tried ionic-resource-generator but it sounds great too.