Distribution of a clients app in the App Store

New to app development. Got few questions on distribution as I am looking at costs for the client.

If you are developing apps as a freelancer for multiple clients do people typically set up an apple developer account for each client rather than using their own account?

Is it similar to setting up a separate hosting account for a client with a web app rather than hosting it yourself?

Once you release an app to the app store can you switch it between accounts or do you have to re-submit under the new account losing all reviews etc?

Pros and Cons?


Hi there, you solved the problem?


Technically you are meant to set up an account per client however this is not necessary at all and you can save money and get more exposure just using your own account.

However if you are releasing 2 or more versions of the same or a similar app branded for different clients then this goes against the App Store guidelines and may be rejected. So you need to get an account per client in this case.
If the client gets an App Store account make sure it is a company account as then you can just set yourself up as a developer on their account and deploy to it, generate certificates etc.
You can just switch between your clients accounts.

I haven’t switched an app between accounts but you can and you can keep the reviews I believe.

Google Play don’t care. You can put whatever you want in there.