Managing clients



I am building my first app and so far I’ve got Ionic installed, looking good so far. My question is more about managing apps.

So say I have 10 clients and each of them use an app which I develop and manage. Each of the clients uses push notifications. Ideally I would like them to to have access to a custom control panel where they can login and get stats of sent, push notifications for example, for their app. How can I best manage this? I obviously don’t want to give access to any account that has multiple apps on it and I don’t want to complicate things by having separate accounts for everything.

Any suggestions?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Not sure I follow you on this statement. Why would you not want to give access to all their apps on a single account? Otherwise it has to be individual accounts.

As for managing this, are you planning on custom codeing a site they can log into? Where are you pulling the stats from?

Not sure where you want to go exactly or what you have in place to accomplish this.



When I create an app on somewhere like Google etc I can create multiple apps for different companies. I would rather each company had their own admin panel of some sort so that they can login to to send push notifications etc. Otherwise it would mean creating a google account for each company and creating their app there. I kind want all my apps/clients in one place so I can administer the accounts but have a different place for clients to control their account. They might just get too confused with Google and may even accidentally delete their app. I don’t know if this would even be possible to do. How do other people manage their clients? I hope this makes it a bit more clear.


I suppose you are thinking about something like FCM data but with finer grained control on a per user basis?
I can’t speak to non push notification data, but as far as push notifications go, I use AirNotifier - its the only solution I found that is free, has a front end, an easy to understand python based backend. I hacked it to fix its faulty APNS implementation and use that as my central push server. It allows you to configure multiple apps, associate different keys to each one and manage them separately. Also allows role based logins (I’ve not really used this part). Its not really as comprehensive as you are hoping for but its a few steps in the right direction, possibly.


Thank you, I’ll take a look into that. Onesignal also has an API that might be able to use too, need to investigate that more.