AppFlow for Client Projects with Different Developer Accounts (i.e. can I publish to multiple developer accounts?)

I am considering using AppFlow for my projects moving forward. Many of my clients want the app published using their Apple/Google developed accounts to help reinforce their brand. Would I be able to use AppFlow to directly publish to multiple different developer accounts? The paid AppFlow plans would only make sense for me if I can use it for client projects.

Thank you for whatever insight people can provide

I guess this is possible. This is my Screen in Appflow where i can create a Destination for a single App. There you enter your Account details, so in a different app in a other destination you should be able to use another apple developer account.

If you want to use Environments and Automations make sure to use the groth Plan: Appflow - Ionic - The Cross-Platform App Development Leader

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Hi clorange,

EinfachHans is right! You can create a different Appstore destination for a different apple developer account.

You can refer to our docs on Creating Appstore destination.

If you are facing any further questions, you can also contact the Appflow support for further assistance.