Ionic 1 vs Ionic 2 - Improvement considerations

Not trying to make a comparison here,
but what i would like to know that, will the major improvements that was done in Ionic 2, will ever be in Ionic 1? Considering that we already have amazing apps already built using Ionic 1 and is live…

Would appreciate your vision over here.

Not a member of the Ionic team so don’t place too much weight on my thoughts, but not likely. Ionic 1 will continue to be supported and maintained but I don’t think there are any big changes planned. The biggest improvements in Ionic 2 come from the fact that it is built on Angular 2, and other big changes like navigation and platform continuity have more or less been rebuilt from the ground up so I’d be surprised to see any of these added to Ionic 1.

You’re probably right,

The thing i would love to see improved is the navigation actually on Ionic 1.