Difference between ionic 2 and ionic 3

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I am new member of this forum…

As a new learner of Ionic i just follow along the tutorial by Ganga Chris in the following Scotch.io tutorial link

Due to some deprecation syntax i got some errors… i fixed them by installing as per the current ionic website documentation.

But, the problem is, that the provider [github provider] mentioned in tutorial, i got the data in console only… not in html… How do we write a new ionic 3 app for same githubIonci App… What are the points to be taking for consideration before dive into ionic 3?

Please help… Thanks in advance

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“Ionic 3” isn’t really a very useful concept, but if you’re starting out with the current version of the framework, the biggest decision you’ll have to make that won’t be addressed in older resources like the one you linked is whether you want to buy in to lazy page loading. At the moment, unless you decide after doing some research that your app fits into the (relatively small, I believe) category of being a perfect fit for it, I would recommend holding off for now, as implementation details may change in fairly significant fashion relatively soon.

all in all there are many fixes in performance improvements (based on angular 4 ;)) in ionic 3. You do not need to use IonicPages for lazy loading if you do not want to.

Ionic 3 is simply Ionic 2, but holding on with semantic versioning… there are some breaking changes…
Simply check : https://github.com/ionic-team/ionic/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#300-2017-04-05

:wink: it is not that hard to upgrade

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Thank you for your reply…
Is there any good tutorials or resources for learning Ionic 3… other than the documentation…

I found all the resources, tutorials are all written based on Ionic 2… But the current documentation for ionic 3.x, So that it will little difficult to follow along…

You should be fine with using Ionic v2 tutorials. You can also google for “Ionic 3” tutorials, there are some that have explicitly been updated.