Ionic 3 "not a major change" yet everything is broken

Its all good and well that ionic 3 is out and its better but can there please be some documentation that clearly outlines the changes and how to implement them in an upgrade. For instance the IonicPageModule is a fairly large structural change from before and the docs that you currently have is min.

And then there is the basic “uncaught promise” errors which who is to tell where the error is. It just sucks now because instead of adding --v3 to the starter templates we have no choice but to get ionic 3 and now we have to navigate code repos to try figure out what has changed.

It is just me or have only 2 pages of documentation been added? Plus the nav controller docs still seem to be old. I appreciate pushing users to use the new lazy loading but it doesnt help if nothing works and the documentation is found wanting.

I know this all sounds very “naggy” but just upgraded an app and everything to falling apart and i would really like the new features


Actually, all the “changes” are in the release notes:

From what I can see you can build pages in Ionic 3 in the exact same way than Ionic 2.

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@Sujan12 you can but then you dont get lazy loading.

Of course - that’s a big new, major, feature of Ionic 3. You’ll have to decide.

lazy loading still needs improvement

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At this point, that may be a blessing in disguise.

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At this point, that may be a blessing in disguise.

Why is that?

Lazy loading isn’t perfect yet, they’re working on finalizing it. So the generators and new projects help your app be prepared to use it without activating it yet.

Also, 3.0.0 is a major version bump from 2.0.0. By “not a major change” they’re meaning it’s not like ionic v1 to v2. Same framework, same language, same ideas, etc.

app-scripts #867. Anything you use (outside of framework resources) in more than one lazily loaded page - components, pipes - gets included in each page module that references it. This can have a major impact on package size - I have an app that grew by about 1/3rd when I enabled lazy loading.

Ditto this, Also its an absolute nightmare trying to get all the lazy loading to work when you have upwards of 30 pages. This is my first time developing mobile apps using ionic, but I’ve found the whole process rather frustrating. I’ve been messing around with react native lately and it seems like a much better approach, at least until ionic sort lazy loading and documentation. But even with that It seems i am able to develop a lot quicker using react native! I’m going to stick with ionic for our mvp, but from my experience I wouldn’t recommend it past mvp stage, if you’re trying to build mobile platforms.

I’ll sound naggy too but 4tron is right. I’m going through the tutorials and I can’t add a page without getting an error. Every tutorial in the documentation seems to be outdated up to what I’ve tried now. Why push version 3 without also publishing the new version’s documentation?

Take a look at this
How is a beginner supposed to figure that out so one can run the create a new page for the first time tutorial? this is the tutorial in question: from which I got the error. Take a look at the comments there too, people are lost trying to understand this framework asking for an update because that tutorial is outdated by a year and does not work.

This is the latest documentation (version 2?)
and it seems doesn’t work at all either.


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Sorry, but is there a question in here?

yes not a major change but still needs to follow the instructions for 3.