Ionic 2 vs ionic 3

what do you prefer to use, ionic 2 or ionic 3. because ionic 3 is newer and i heard there are a lot of issues or bugs has been reported. im still using ionic 2

“Ionic 2” is obsolete and no longer supported.

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Where did you hear that?

Ionic 2 is an older version of the same software - Ionic 3 just got the new version number as it introduced some stuff that didn’t work with Ionic 2.x any more. There are no basic changes or anything.

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You should just upgrade your project as soon as possible. As already stated Ionic 2 is just an older version, nothing drastic has changed (Like the jump from 1 to 2 and current).

If you dont keep up to date getting support and an eventual upgrade will be a nightmare.

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okay… thanks man, my ionic is now updated

I upgraded to Ionic 3 and feel good.