Ionic 2 vs ionic 3


what do you prefer to use, ionic 2 or ionic 3. because ionic 3 is newer and i heard there are a lot of issues or bugs has been reported. im still using ionic 2


“Ionic 2” is obsolete and no longer supported.


Where did you hear that?

Ionic 2 is an older version of the same software - Ionic 3 just got the new version number as it introduced some stuff that didn’t work with Ionic 2.x any more. There are no basic changes or anything.


You should just upgrade your project as soon as possible. As already stated Ionic 2 is just an older version, nothing drastic has changed (Like the jump from 1 to 2 and current).

If you dont keep up to date getting support and an eventual upgrade will be a nightmare.


okay… thanks man, my ionic is now updated


I upgraded to Ionic 3 and feel good.