Device not configured


I am testing a starter ionic app and I always get this error when I run or emulate on iOS (it’s always at the same 49% progress):

[ 49%] Copying /Users/lucapalezza/Development/PhoneGap/divePlan/platforms/ios/build/device/ to device
[ 49%] Copying /Users/lucapalezza/Development/PhoneGap/divePlan/platforms/ios/build/device/divePerror: failed to open output pseudo terminal : Device not configured

The app anyway goes through to the device and works fine. My iPhone is correctly configured in Xcode as my developer device.
Any advice?


No advice for this issue?


It has to do something with lock screen, I opened my app throw Xcode, and Xcode sad that my phone has a locked screen (it didn’t), so I disconnected my device -> locked -> unlocked -> connect, build with Xcode and then the error went away and I could launch my app with ‘$ ionic run ios’ command.

hope it helps