Ionic 2 IDE and completions with typescript

So I’m new to ionic and angular for that matter and have spent a week picking up as much ionic 1 as I can. I was suitably impressed if a little messed up by the angular mindset.
ionic2 makes so much more sense to me so whilst it’s probably a bad idea I’m going to try stick with ionic2 alpha as I’m in no hurry to ship anything to prod.

however… i have to confess to being a sucker for code completions and have been spoilt with pycharm/web Storm but I can’t seem to get a decent editor env going.

Failed to get the web storm stuff working, sublime didn’t fair much better and I’ve resorted to Microsoft Code which doesn’t like the import statements ‘ionic/ionic’??

anyone have any luck getting meaningful completions without wavy red lines on all the ionic imports?

nope, but i do not tried that much, because there will be many changes until beta and final state^^.
Even in angular 2.

And i can not find anything like this for angular2 so we need to wait ;).

yeah @bengtler I understand that it will change and I’m probably not helping myself come to grips with ionic by jumping on ionic2 but even the documentation makes more sense in 2 :smile: so I’ll go old school and just remember things instead ha.

Did you eventually figure it out?
I’m in the same state as you (new to Ionic, want to stick with 2, trying to make VS Code work…).

that’s gooooooooood!

Well, yesterday Webstorm 11 was released and it claims to have better support for typescript and angular2:

No I give up for a bit and gone old school. I think if I get the ionic2 packages installed locally and add the typings from that I may get past the wavy lines.

Like someone mentioned webstorm 11 is out and with it my beloved pycharm will have improved support.
Time to try again.

Yeah Tom. I’m going to give it a go. I’d rather stick with a tool I know and I do enjoy jetbrains tools