Deployed apps - ionic 1 or 2 : Poll

Hey there, out of curiosity, folks who have reasonably complex apps in the app/play store - (I know reasonably complex is subjective, but lets use our common sense here :grin: ),

  1. What’s your app called and what does it do? (don’t need to link - there is already a “what are you building” thread to advertise)
  2. have you migrated to ionic 2 already or are still with ionic 1 ?
  3. If you are considering ionic 2, when do you plan to upgrade/update ?
  4. If you are not considering ionic 2, why?
  5. If you are in ionic 2, what do you find is better than what you had in ionic 1 for your app (not general advantages)
  6. Any support concerns ? More on this below

I’ll start:

  1. Name of app and function: My app is called ‘zmNinja-pro’ in the stores. Its a reasonably complex app for home security and surveillance
  2. Ionic 2 upgrade: I’ve not considered ionic 2
  3. When ionic 2: Not applicable
  4. Why not ionic2: Because I’m terrified its completely different and people post about questions of missing features making it look like its not at feature parity with ionic1 and I fear some UI or (more importantly) some 3rd party plugin will break
  5. Whats better in ionic2 for my app: Not applicable
  6. Support concerns for ionic1: I’m concerned that most answered questions in this forum these days seems to be about ionic 2. I’ve posted questions on ionic 1 and they seem to get few/no answers - its of course possible my questions are obtuse, but I feel like I am on a sinking ship driving a chevy while the rest of the world is looking at Tesla’s model 3.

thanks :-p