Folks with complex production apps and paying customers: How is your ionic2 experience?

Hi folks,
I have a published camera security app with paying customers built on top of ionic v1. It’s a complex app that involves video playback, lots of server interactions, database access etc etc.

The app supports both iOS and Android. Specifically with Android, I’ve spent a lot of time to make sure it works on pre 4.4 devices (via crosswalk) and new devices.

The writing on the wall for ionic1 has been clear for a long time - that devs should migrate to ionic 2. I’ve starting building my ionic2 version (learning along the way) but I’m still at a very basic state.

I’m very concerned about the repeated posts that just don’t seem to go away - performance issues with Ionic2 (and Angular2). Given I am still in a basic state with Angular2, I don’t (yet) see huge performance issues, but I am only testing on one device. If I spend a lot of time updating all my views and structure and I see my users complaining of 15+ seconds startup time, it would be disastrous. It is not possible for me to test reliably across a wide swathe of android devices. iOS is lesser of an issue.

So for folks who have built complex (i.e. not simple apps like Weather/news/etc) apps - what’s your deployment experience been ?

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