Deploy Build in Ionic Pro

The following message is keep popping up when downloading and extracting the update is complete using “IonicCordova.deploy”.

“Deploy: Debug
A Newer version of this app is available on this device. Since this is a debug build, would like to update or stay on the bundled version? (This warning only appears in debug builds)”

I tried to build using --prod flag as well but still getting the same message. How do I get rid of this message?

I am having the exact same issue here.

The message disappears when release signing the app.

We are also experiencing this issue. Even when another channel is defined, and even when the widget id is changed. I have sent a bug report to the team!

We have the same problem. Is there any progress on this?

--prod is not what you are looking for - this just defines how your HTML and JS is optimized.

This is (probably?) triggered by --release.

ionic build --release does not fix the issue.
I still get the update/ignore message…

Do you have an issue tracking number?

I do not, but somehow the issue went away for us. It may have been fixed after fully removing the plugin and config, and reinstalling it at latest version (cordova-plugin-ionic ^2.0.2). That config now uses a few less parameters, just 3 now while I believe it was 5 before.

Same issue here. Any idea how to solve it?

I’m using UPDATE_METHOD=‘auto’ with ^2.0.3 version of the plugin.


Same Issue… Bumping thread.

According to the Ionic Pro support team:

This is expected behavior for debug builds. We’re working on getting this documented better.

The reason this alert is in there is to make the deploy process transparent for the developer, so they can see it is working. The alert will fire each time the redirect()​ function runs. When the app is built for release, the alert will not appear, and the redirect will happen invisibly for the user, just like in the old Deploy.

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Will this “redirect” be done on every start of the application? In other words, the content of the www folder (main.js index.html…) is not permanently changed/updated?

That’s what I understood (not what I expected, though).

If you build as a production release signed with a certificate you won’t be prompted with the message.

In case anybody is wondering: I had an issue where the release deployment downloaded an earlier version of our app: Turns out that you must start a new build on your “production” channel in ionic pro so the release deployment takes the latest source code.

use this --variable WARN_DEBUG=“false”
when installing the cordova-plugin-ionic. the message goes away.